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My Goals

  • Restore constituents’ faith and trust in the Secretary of State’s Office
  • Protect all citizen’s individual voting rights
  • Ensure free and fair elections at all levels of government
  • Maintain the beauty and history of the Capitol’s grounds
  • Guarantee accuracy of records and efficient service to Arkansas’ businesses and entrepreneurs

The Latest

Mark Martin Needs to Check His Math

October 28, 2014Blog Post

Yesterday Mark Martin implied he had saved the state money and had turned $12 million back to the state treasury. He needs to check his math, especially if he thinks he somehow saved money! 


He points out that the office now only has 19 cars.  What he failed to mention was he bought 12 of those 19 since coming into office.


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Why I Came Out of Retirement to Run for Office

October 23, 2014Blog Post

I recently sat down with Robin Bobo at KTSS to discuss why I came out of retirement to run for Secretary of State.

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Susan Inman Responds to Mark Martin’s Use of Taxpayer Money to Intimidate His Political Opponent

October 20, 2014Press Release

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin used taxpayer money to intimidate his opponent. Susan Inman responds.

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Susan Inman Slams Mark Martin for Refusing to Debate

October 14, 2014Press Release

LITTLE ROCK- This week, AETN has scheduled a debate for the candidates running for Secretary of State. Unfortunately, Mark Martin has refused to participate and explain to voters why he’s been a part-time Secretary of State and misspent thousands of taxpayer dollars.
In response to Martin’s refusal to debate, Susan Inman made the following statement:

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USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll Shows Statistical Tie

September 26, 2014Blog Post

A new poll by USA TODAY/Suffolk University shows a statistical tie in the Secretary of State race!  25% of respondents were undecided. Now more than ever, I need you to talk to your friends and neighbors and ask them to support me!  

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